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April 2005 Sacramento Central Adventist Church
Winner of the year 2005

Sacramento, California

Webmasters Host
Mario Pietravalle

Sacramento Central website design team

Debbie Thompson Kippel designed the website. The other team members are Eric Kippel, in the middle, and Andrew Jones on the right. Their stories are included on this page.

Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church website
Birth of a
New Website
The Sacramento Central Church Website was born during an unfortunate event. In July 2004, while Debbie was in Lima, Peru shooting footage for a television story, she was bitten by a dog on her lower left leg. Not sure if the dog was rabid, Debbie began a saver antibiotic treatment, and came down with an extreme case of Pseudomembranous Colitis. Upon returning home, she was prescribed seven weeks of bed rest.

During this time, unable to do much, Debbie got the idea of creating a new website for Sacramento Central Church. The pastoral team liked the design and gave the “okay” to proceed. Soon, Eric, her husband, and Andrew Jones, a family friend, were on board, and then the project came to life. The three spent many late nights working on this rather massive undertaking.

November 2004 saw the first phase of the Central website go “live”. Then in January 2005, “Live” streaming was added to the website. Each Sabbath morning, Central Study Hour, the adult Sabbath school lesson, and the church service is now “live” via the internet. These programs are also taped two weeks in advance for 3ABN, 3ABN Radio, HOPE Network, Safe TV, and various other television networks and cable stations across the country and around the World.

As the sites designer, Debbie says that she has “the fun part”. Creating it is one thing, programming is another. She’s been able to help with both. However, her passion is missions, and seeing others experience missions’ first-hand. Debbie is a Video Producer/Director/Editor/Photographer for Maranatha Volunteers International, based in Sacramento. On the side, she has a wedding/portrait photography business, Debbie Thompson Photography www.debbie-thompson.com. Debbie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University. She believes, “if you dedicate your life and talents to God, He’ll use you in ways that you never thought possible. It’s so incredible to see how our little web ministry is reaching so many people around world.” At Central Church, Debbie leads music, volunteers in the Media Ministry as a boom camera operator and director, shoots all the pictures for the Central website, and is the head of the Music Committee. Debbie hales from England and takes every opportunity that she gets to return home to visit family. Her hobbies are international travel, playing various musical instruments/singing, snow skiing, and adoring her two nieces and one nephew.
Eric Kippel Eric is the Network Administrator for Amazing Facts. For the past five years, he’s enjoyed working for this ministry. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Advancing Computer Technology in Phoenix, Arizona. At Central Church, Eric is also the Collegiate Sabbath School leader. On October 12, 2003, Eric and Debbie were married at Central Church. Since then, they have worked together to further Central’s world-wide ministry. Eric says, "This website is like our first child... it consumes most of our time, but thankfully, we don't have to buy it any diapers and food". Eric enjoys out-door activities: snow boarding, biking, paint ball, off-roading in his truck; reading, traveling, and learning how to play the guitar.
Andrew Jones Andrew Jones is a computer programmer for Agilent Technologies, and has his own consulting business Pocket Elite Technologies www.pocketelite.com. He's currently working towards a degree in Business and Computer Science. Andrew is also a Media Ministry volunteer at Central. On Sabbath mornings, he can be found behind a camera. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys Biblical archaeology, reading, off-roading in his truck, and traveling to foreign countries (22 countries so far). Andrew says, “I would like this website to be an example of how technology can help further the Gospel”.

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